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Iron Pants-An Endless Game

Iron pants are a simple but very difficult endless game developed by Eduardas Klenauskis. Iron pants are another better game for android iOS. This game is similar to Flappy birds which were released before. The popularity of the game is increasing day by day. Currently the game is ranked second position in Google play store and App store. Now, coming to the game. This must be the hardest game that you ever played. Iron pants are about flying with your tiny little hero around the city, click on the screen to tap the iron pants up but you should manage your hero without clashing to the obstacles. Simple right!!! If you dash any of the boxes in your way as you pass towards some unpredictable, unreachable, imaginary end line, then game is Up...

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Challenges with Flappy Bird-Iron Pants Game Online

Iron Pant Vs Flappy Bird
Have you guys ever tried playing Flappy Bird and to what level have you reached?  If yes then you must know that Iron pants games are harder and challenging compared to Flappy birds. In this you need to fly high escaping the hard block which are blocking but in case any crashes then it’s sure that you are going to lose the game. If you play game on regular basis you would surely get success and cross different levels of game. Iron pants have introduced a superhero kind of character in and you need to hold and tap the character in such a manner that it is able to fly to pass the boxes without hitting them or crashing along with them...

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Alternative for Flappy Birds Game-Iron Pants


Games have always been one of attractions for kids and in some cases adults as well. Recently Flappy Birds was one of the online games which soared high in market and everyone got interested into it and wanted to reach to the higher level. But recently its owner declared that he would be removing it from all the game store as well as applications stores and would be out of market soon. Finally its removed and now kids are looking for some alternative which could provide them with same excitement as Flappy birds use to do.  Although there are lots of games available in market online but one which has hit the market is Iron pants game.

Why it’s gaining momentum across kids?
It is available for both Android and iOS and its creator is Eduardas Klenauskis, graphics seems to remind of Flapp...

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Review of Iron Pants Game

All of us have gone through those days when the only thing you want to do is to sit back and relax. Playing games is one of the most fun ways to lift up stressed spirits. Thanks to the amazing progress made in the field of mobile phones. Even the high-end games are accessible within a press of a button. Games are a great way to pass the time and they help us enjoy as well. Some of the games available are so addictive that you cannot imagine a day without them. The Iron Pants game is one of those games that will make you play it again and again. The game is highly enjoyable and makes sure that you are completely hooked on to it.

The Iron Pants game was released pretty recently. It is one of those amazing games that will keep you hooked on...

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